Pipeline Construction Contract Ratified


An overwhelming majority of Teamster local unions that represent pipeline construction workers in the United States voted in favor of a new three-year contract in July.

There are 179 local unions that have pipeline jurisdiction over 4,000 members.

The contract summary was sent to all 179 locals in July. One hundred thirty-five Teamster locals responded with 100 percent voting to accept. This was the largest response ever for this contract.

“Our pipeline workers will benefit from the improved wages, benefits and other provisions of the contract which will help ensure that jobs in this part of the nation’s construction industry continue to be some of the most stable,” said Bubba Davis, Director of the Teamsters Building Material and Construction Trade Division.

Teamsters represent employees who operate grapple trucks, tri-axle skid trucks, stringer trucks, floats, dump trucks, water trucks and various straight frame vehicles.

Among the contract improvements in the national pipeline agreement:

Throughout the negotiation process, the Teamsters National Pipeline Agreement Negotiating Committee consistently met with the three other pipeline crafts and negotiated jointly on all major issues. The other crafts included in the contract are members of the Operating Engineers union with 8,000 members, the Laborers’ Union with 9,000 members and the Pipefitters union with 8,000 members.

Growing Number of Projects

Pipeline projects have been increasing in number throughout the United States over the past 10 years.

Part of the support that the Teamsters Building Material and Construction Trade Division provides is training for pipeline skills. The courses are offered through the Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund. The courses cover OSHA and other safety requirements as well as skills courses for members planning to use stringer trucks and other equipment commonly found at a pipeline construction site.

“We are proud to offer skills training courses for our pipeline members,” Davis said. “While deploying the important skills learned in our courses, our members continue the tradition of Teamsters being the most-skilled employees on any construction site.”