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Public Works Employees In Florida Join Teamsters Local 385


Casselberry, Florida Public Works employees have unanimously voted to join Teamsters Local 385 in Orlando.

Ballots in the mail-in election were counted on September 2, 2014. Thirty-one ballots were returned and the vote was 31-0 to join Local 385. There are 44 workers in the bargaining unit.

“These workers were not getting any representation from their previous union and they turned to the Teamsters for real union representation,” said Mike Stapleton, Local 385 President. “We will provide top-notch representation and we will work hard to negotiate a strong first contract for these hard working public employees.”

The workers’ contract expired in September 2013, but no negotiations have taken place, said Local 385 Organizer and Business Agent Roger Allain.

“There are also issues of harassment, but the workers couldn’t get their concerns addressed because there was zero representation,” Allain said. “That will change now.”