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The 2015 Teamsters Women’s Conference is taking place right now in Boston. Here is what some Teamsters attending the conference had to say about this year’s theme, “Boston Strong: Teamster Strong.” We asked them, “What does ‘Teamster strength’ mean to you?”

“‘Teamster strength’ means we are strong; it means equal rights for women.”

–Dawn Locurto, Teamsters Local 177, New Windsor, N.Y.,






“‘Teamster strength’ is power; it’s equal rights. I love being a Teamster!”

–Angie Johnson, Teamsters Local 519, Loudon, Tenn.






“It is the ability of our fellow workers to stick together through adversity, while getting the benefit for all the hard work that we do. It’s very important that we all stick together.”

–Genoa Peak, Teamsters Local 848, Sylmar, Calif.






“‘Teamster strength’ is about pride, community and building on what we have. We’re here to meet new people, learn new policies and practices, communicate and connect!”

–Jolleen Lumadue, Teamsters Local 384, Norristown, Pa.