Beau Byrtus For Farmingdale Town Council, Local 469


Beau Byrtus knows quite a bit about Farmingdale, N.J. A former town councilman and Board of Education member, he’s fought to make his hometown a better place. But the Democrat and 12-year member of Local 469 knows there is more to do.

That’s why he is running for a three-year term on Farmingdale’s town council this fall, and is centering his campaign on government efficacy. “The biggest thing for our community and communities throughout the country is accountability in government,” he said. “And you have to start local to make it happen. It is my focus to make it happen in Farmingdale.”

Byrtus, who is a parks and recreation program director for Old Bridge, N.J., also hopes to make further progress on issues he started during his previous stint in town government. Last year, he helped create a town recreation commission and funded it with existing government dollars so there was no additional cost for taxpayers. He said he would push to expand the commission’s efforts going forward if elected.

Additionally, Byrtus said he would focus on traffic issues in office, including congestion along Farmingdale’s main drag.