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Hoffa Tells Wisconsin Teamsters They Can Effect Change


Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa continued his whirlwind tour of the union’s workplaces in Wisconsin today, urging members at UPS, Roundy’s grocery and Nestle to get out and vote to ensure that pro-worker candidates are elected in Madison and Washington, D.C.

During the first stop at a UPS facility in Elm Grove this morning, Hoffa was greeted by members of Local 344 who deliver packages to the entire Milwaukee area. He told them they have an opportunity in the next two weeks to register their distaste for anti-worker policies at the ballot box.

“We’ve seen how anti-worker your current governor is,” Hoffa said. “He’s against collective bargaining and he defends the rights of corporations to pay women lower wages than men. We need new leadership so be sure to vote on Nov. 4 — or earlier!”

The next stop was at a Roundy’s grocery warehouse facility in Oconomowoc where more than 450 Teamsters are employed. Workers there said they realize what’s at stake in the upcoming election.

“The last thing we want to see is Wisconsin becoming a right-to-work state,” said Fred Steinbach, a 33-year member of Local 200. “Through the years I have had good pay and benefits for myself and my family and I owe that to being a Teamster member.”

Members greeted Hoffa in the break room of Roundy’s with a rousing chant of “I’m a Teamster and I Vote!”  and pledged to vote early and make sure that they encourage their family and friends to vote as well.

Hoffa’s tour of the Badger State concluded at Nestlé’s chocolate-making facility in Burlington, where Local 200 represents more than 450 members.