Tom Trapp For Clarkson Town Council, GCC Local 503


Despite Clarkson, N.Y., being a predominately Republican town, Tom Trapp, a member of GCC Local 503, is determined to bring a Democrat’s perspective to town decisions and budgets.

“I’m going to ask the right questions and hold the rest of the town council accountable,” Trapp said. “I want to be an advocate for all the residents of Clarkson in order to give them a voice.”

Trapp worked for the Case-Hoyt corporation’s pressroom for 23 years before he became Secretary-Treasurer, and he is now also the organizer with his local union.

“I’ll be pushing for open and transparent government, including the establishment of an ethics board so that there is more oversight of what the actions and procedures are of the town council and local government.”

Contributions can be sent to:  Tom Trapp c/o Clarkson Democratic Committee, 36 Sugar Tree Circle, Brockport, NY  14420.