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We Stand With Italy’s Workers!


(WASHINGTON) – Workers at the International Brotherhood of Teamsters Union in Washington D.C. sent a message of solidarity to their Italian brothers and sisters today as they prepare to protest labor law deregulation that will destroy workers’ rights on the job. 

Italian workers are facing a triple dip recession, and the economy has never recovered from the worldwide financial crisis of 2008, which began on Wall Street.  Unemployment has gone from 6.4 percent in 2008 to 12.6 percent and workers’ wages and rights are under continuous attack.

This coming Saturday Italian workers will be out in force on the streets of Rome to oppose labor law deregulation that will make it easier to fire employees, and take away their right to return to their jobs if they have been unjustly fired. This change, demanded by employers and the big financial institutions, will make it easier to get rid of trade union activists, as well as sack older workers.

For more information on the issues involved see:


www.cgil.it (in Italian)