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Local 700 Strzechowski To Sheriff’s Department: Address Corrections Officers’ Safety Concerns


The following is the official statement of Teamsters Local 700 President Becky Strzechowski comments on Sun-Times ad: 


“The union’s efforts to bring attention to problems that correctional officers face is not unfortunate as Ms. Smith asserts. What is unfortunate is that the Sheriff’s Department fails to acknowledge problems like understaffing, lack of training and lack of safety equipment for officers in the jail unless they read an ad in the paper.”

“Officers are tired of being put in unsafe positions without safety equipment that is considered standard by other sheriff’s departments across the country. Officers are tired of fearing for loss of their jobs or being criminally prosecuted for defending themselves.”

“For the Sheriff’s Department to say on record that they think the officers know the department’s focus is on the officers just shows how out of touch Sheriff Dart and his administration are with the day to day challenges at the jail.”

“Teamsters Local 700 proudly represents more than 3,400 correctional officers and investigators at the Cook County Department of Corrections. We are more than available to sit down with the Sheriff and discuss the problems facing our members at the country’s largest county correctional facility, and this union is always ready to work toward a solution for our members.”

The ad can be viewed here: