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North Las Vegas Mayor, City Workers Come Together In Support Of Teamsters Local 14


(NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nev.) –– Over 150 city workers gathered Thursday morning in front of City Hall to join Mayor John Lee in a show of support for Teamsters Local 14, recognizing the hard work and leadership the union played in averting the City of North Las Vegas from state takeover.

“The deal negotiated by the Teamsters has saved this city from going into receivership,” said Kim Spurlock, a worker for the City of North Las Vegas and a member of Teamsters Local 14 in Las Vegas. “Local 14 successfully turned the tide, bringing stability to our city and protecting workers from layoffs and pay cuts.”

The stakes were high for the over 500 city workers represented by Teamsters Local 14. Realizing the threat state takeover posed for city workers, Teamsters Local 14 Secretary-Treasurer Larry Griffith and his staff took action, protecting the jobs of their members while simultaneously helping prevent the city from an economic collapse.

“Without this deal, layoffs to city workers would be all but certain,” said Ted Karant, chief shop steward with Teamsters Local 14. “Under state control, the department of taxation would take over city operations, cutting jobs and jeopardizing our collective bargaining rights.”

Karant praised Griffith for his decisive action and for building relationships with public officials.

“Larry sat down with Mayor Lee and Governor Sandoval to resolve this issue in a manner that was both timely and effective, always with the best interest of the people in mind,” Karant said.

“We appreciate what Larry did for us. His commitment to working families in the community is unmatched,” said Jim Wilkerson, a city inspector who is also represented by Teamsters Local 14.

In the months leading up to the agreement, Griffith worked closely with Mayor Lee and his office to address the concerns of Local 14’s membership. Together, the Teamsters and city officials were able to negotiate a deal between public sector workers and city officials to avert crisis.

The Teamsters members overwhelmingly ratified the negotiated deal, which continued the strong benefits and protections they received from the contract. The plan stands as a model for communities around the country facing tough economic times.

At Thursday’s event, the strong relationship between the City of North Las Vegas and the Teamsters Union was on full display as Mayor Lee praised the Teamsters and Griffith for their dedication to the community and support for the city.  

“Not a single job has been lost,” said Griffith following the event. “We negotiated an agreement with the city that the majority of members voted in favor to avoid layoff and save jobs, and for that we should all be proud.”