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Teamsters Local 402 Organizes Ready-Mix Drivers


Ready-Mix drivers in Huntsville, Ala., recently voted to be represented by Teamsters Local 402.  They are fighting for improved wages and fair treatment on the job.

“We want to have a level playing field,” said Jerry Davis, a driver who has worked in the concrete industry for the past 16 years.  Davis led the organizing effort, seeking out the Teamsters after having seen an article on-line about a Ready-Mix group in Washington state which had become Teamster members.

USA Ready-Mix is a subsidiary of Cemex, a firm based in Houston. The Huntsville unit has 20 employees: drivers, loaders, dispatchers and mechanics. They work on residential and commercial building projects.

“Work has picked up in Alabama and there are more hard working people entering the building and construction industry,” said Joe Gronek, secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 402.  “The employees in Huntsville had a variety of problems with management there.  There was a culture of favoritism which affected the employees’ wage rates and work schedules.  Since the vote, we’ve sent letters to the company requesting bargaining and we have set up a contract proposal meeting for the end of November.  I want to thank Bubba Davis and the Teamsters Building and Construction Trade Division for their support.  We will continue to keep a watch out for more construction division organizing opportunities.”

“Our Division is always ready to support organizing efforts in the Building Material and Construction Trade industry,” Davis said. “One of our representatives, Stu Helfer, as well as Dennis (Midget) Morgan were a big help with this project and made it a success.”