Behind the Scenes at ‘New York on Location’


Local 817 Motion Picture Members Welcome Public into Their World

Theatrical Teamsters Local 817 joined with the Museum of the Moving Image and Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens, N.Y. to hold “New York on Location,” a day-long event that offered a behind-the-scenes look at film production in New York City.

Attendees got the opportunity to go inside more than 20 working movie trailers and trucks and to speak directly with movie professionals about what they do on set. Tom Reilly, a transportation captain with Local 817, said the fair-like forum gave the public insight to how their favorite television shows and films get made.

“I think it’s great for the public to see what we do here,” Reilly said. “Usually when they park and they drive by us all they see are these big working trucks and they can’t go near it and get frustrated and they get confused. And now this just opens up their eyes and they see all that goes into just doing a half hour show as well as a two-hour movie.”

Attendees were allowed to go inside of trucks featuring dressing rooms and other technical operations, as well as hear from craftspeople who explained their roles in the moviemaking process. Stunt professionals also showed off their skills.

The street fair helps to improve understanding and appreciation for the projects and the men and women who work on the set for a living.

“It was a great event that our members and the general public really enjoy,” said Thomas J. O’Donnell, President of Local 817 and Director of the Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division. “I look forward to continuing this partnership with the Museum of the Moving Image and Kaufman Astoria Studios so that every New Yorker gets a glimpse at how much work goes on behind the camera.”