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A Holiday Message To Our Members From Jim Hoffa


On behalf of the General Executive Board, the entire International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ staff and myself, I want to wish all our members a happy and healthy holiday season and a joyous new year.

While our country has continued to face significant challenges in 2014, the state of our union is strong. We continue to be successful in our core mission – advocating on behalf of our membership and organizing those who seek representation. Whether it is making headway in getting employees at FedEx Freight or Con-way to join the Teamsters, standing up against companies who misclassify workers or taking a stand against bad mergers that will hurt hardworking Americans, this union continues its fight to make the U.S. a better place for middle-class families.

We know, however, that we need to be ready for more battles in 2015. Whether it’s No-Rights-At-Work, bad trade policy like fast track trade promotion authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership or companies looking to keep their workers down and steal their wages, the Teamsters will respond with the force appropriate for America’s strongest union. And we won’t be afraid to engage our 1.4 million members to let those in power know where we stand.

Big business may believe that it is making headway against those standing up for workers around the country. But I’m here to tell you that the Teamsters will not rest until we secure a better tomorrow for our members. And I know you won’t either.

So please enjoy these coming days that you share with friends and loved ones. They are to be cherished. The fight, however, begins anew next year.


James P. Hoffa
Teamsters General President