The Swon Brothers


Country music-singing siblings the Swon Brothers captured the imagination of many a Teamster last year when the sons of Local 516 Secretary-Treasurer Kelly Swon finished third on NBC’s hit singing contest show “The Voice.” Now the duo is moving forward in their career with the recent release of their self-titled major label album debut.

For a family that performed on the road together for years in relative anonymity, the arrival of music stardom for brothers Zach and Colton is being warmly embraced by father Kelly.

“It feels like fulfillment,” the elder Swon said. “It is good to see someone who set their life goal and stuck together. Divided, I think they would have failed. But they stuck together and that made them stronger.”

Zach and Colton, who have been on the road for months headlining smaller venues while also serving as the opening act in arena shows for some of the largest country musicians around, said the release of the album is like a dream, but one that came from hard work.

They noted they are where they are today because they learned that determination and dedication are needed to be successful from their father, who previously worked for UPS before heading up the Muskogee, Okla. local. Family support has also played a big role.

“When we are writing songs and playing our shows and doing everything that has to do with music, it really shows where we come from,” Zach Swon said. “Whether it was UPS or what he is doing for the Teamsters, or running sound for us, everything he did was for us.”

When it comes to the music, Colton Swon said the rollout of the new album was exciting and a bit stressful at the same time. Although it was not their first time in the recording studio, it still was a brand new experience for the brothers.

“This album cost more than a couple of hundred bucks, and there wasn’t tape on the walls. We had never worked with a producer,” he stated. “It’s been an amazing feeling.”

While the Swon Brothers’ sound is definitely rooted in country music, the duo has influences outside the genre. Zach, for instance, noted that classic rock legends The Eagles are a favorite of the brothers. And the combination makes for a rocking sound.

“So far, we’ve gotten nothing but great feedback,” Zach Swon said. “The songs we write and the music we make is country; that’s who we are. But we welcome all fans.”