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Teamsters Denounce Inclusion of Pension Reform Bill to Omnibus Spending Bill

(WASHINGTON) – The International Brotherhood of Teamsters issued the following statement from General President Jim Hoffa in response to reports this evening that proposed pension reform legislation could be attached to the omnibus spending bill.
“Today we have seen the ugly side of political backroom dealings as thousands of retirees may have their pensions threatened by proposed legislation that reportedly includes massive benefit cuts. 
“Our union has always opposed pension cuts and we are disappointed that the House and Senate have decided to take this action. While we continue to try to collect more information on this bill – a bill that was literally introduced in the dark of night – the Teamsters will not stand idly by while this legislation is slipped into the omnibus spending bill.
“This legislation represents substantial changes to policies that have protected the pensions of workers for decades. It should not be changed through procedural manipulation.
“Thousands of hard-working men and women deserve better than having their pensions slashed by a bill that can’t stand on its own merit. Our union will continue to monitor this situation and offer comment as more details become available.”
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