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Michigan Steelworkers Vote to Join Teamsters


Workers at TCT Stainless Steel in Sterling Heights, Mich. recently voted to join Teamsters Local 283 in Wyandotte, Mich. There are 17 workers in the new bargaining unit and the vote count was 12-5 for Teamster representation.

TCT Stainless workers, who process coil and strip steel for customers, are seeking better benefits, improved working conditions and seniority rights at the Michigan facility.

“This has been a long, hard-fought effort for these workers to win Teamster representation,” said Local 283 Business Agent Mike Finegan. “The workers withstood a lot of opposition from the company but are proud to finally call themselves Teamsters.”

TCT Stainless workers first approached the union in 2013 but lost a representation election by one vote. After workers saw that the company’s promises to make improvements were not fulfilled, they went back to Local 283 a year later to ask for help.

The company waged an aggressive anti-union campaign during both organizing drives, bringing in outside consultants to beat back the unionization effort. After the workers won the recent election by a landslide, TCT retaliated by temporarily laying off almost half of the workforce. All workers are now back on the job and the union is preparing to bargain with the company.

“We are proud to represent our new members at TCT Stainless Steel and we look forward to addressing their issues at the bargaining table so they can enjoy the benefits of a strong Teamster contract,” said Local 283 President Steve Hicks.