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Teamsters And U.S. Army Coordinate CDL Training For Military In Oklahoma


The Teamsters Military Assistance Program (TMAP), in coordination with Department of Defense, United States Army and ABF Trucking, kicked off a historic effort at Fort Sill Military Training Installation in Lawton, Oklahoma, this week to assist our active military 180 days prior to their separation from active duty in obtaining their Civilian Commercial Truck Drivers Licenses (CDL). Having the civilian CDL license will enable them to actively compete for jobs in the trucking industry and ABF, one of the country’s largest freight haulers, plans to hire those who complete the course as they return home.

The Teamsters, in partnership with the military, have created a new and innovative program that will build on the skills that military personnel have obtained in the military, while serving their country and provide them with a pathway to gainful and meaningful career opportunities so they may achieve the American Dream.

For more information on TMAP please click here https://teamster.org/tmap