Teamsters Building On Success At First Student


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Our four-year National Agreement at First Student has provided us with protections and guarantees and now it is due for an update, as negotiations are set to begin on a new agreement.

Contract negotiations are scheduled January 27-28. In 2011, First Student Teamsters made history by ratifying the national agreement, the first of its kind in the school bus industry.

It’s time to build on the success of the existing agreement, which provided:

Stay Involved and Informed

The contract will continue to lay the foundation for future gains. The immediate, standard language from which we build upon means WE can make the difference in our job and how we are treated. We need to know our contract. If you don’t have a copy, your shop steward or business agent should be able to provide you with a copy and answer any questions you may have.

Together, let’s ratify – and improve – our landmark national agreement at First Student.

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