Teamsters: A School Bus Success Story

The Teamsters’ national school bus campaign is a model of success in large-scale union representation. Today, tens of thousands of First Student school bus workers are being protected under the historic National Master First Student Agreement.

Contract negotiations to ratify our four-year National Agreement at First Student are scheduled for January 27-28. With your help, we can build on the successes of the past to grow and strengthen our movement in the future.

Here is how we build a movement:

We Win Key Improvements

By bargaining as equals, WE collectively decide which improvements we want made to the national contract at First Student. Over the years, we have succeeded in increasing protections, pay and benefits by working together as a union to address the needs and concerns of every worker at the bargaining table.

We Believe In Local Power

In addition to the protections in the First Student National Master Agreement, Teamster locals streamline the negotiation process by addressing local issues in local agreements. This ensures the best contract possible for you and your coworkers. Each yard is different and, therefore, so is each local agreement. The National Master Agreement sets the stage at the local level for workers to receive strong local agreements that are tailored specifically for their bargaining unit.

We Protect Our Gains

The National Agreement provides a “best of both worlds” clause to ensure all future gains made by locals are effectively added and secured to our contract. The provision prevents any worker from bargaining down, allowing working conditions to improve as time goes on and creating a win-win situation for members nationwide.

We Make The Difference

In the Teamsters Union, WE are the UNION. We stand securely together and we stand strong to provide all First Student school bus workers with a powerful voice in negotiations and drive up industry standards nationwide.

WE can make the difference in our job and how we are treated. Join us as we return to the negotiation table in January.

Stay informed, visit for contract updates.

There’s no stopping our momentum.

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