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California US Foods Teamsters Win First Contract


After voting by a 2-1 margin for Teamster representation last September, US Foods warehouse workers in Corona, Calif. unanimously approved their first contract on Sunday, March 15. The 75 workers in the unit are represented by Teamsters Local 63 in Covina, Calif.

The new agreement brings job security to workers who are concerned about the effect of a possible acquisition of US Foods by Sysco. Also included in the settlement are improved wages and a stronger medical plan for the workers.

“We are glad to have the security of a Teamster contract to protect us and our jobs, especially if a merger takes place. Now my coworkers and I have a strong voice at work,” said Roy Garcia, an eight-year US Foods worker in Corona.

Like other US Foods and Sysco workers around the country, Garcia and his coworkers came together to organize with the Teamsters, inspired by the high standards set by Teamsters at other organized Sysco and US Foods facilities. Workers are also looking to protect themselves in the event of the possible mega merger between the two food distribution giants.

“We are very pleased with the contract that we were able to negotiate on behalf of US Foods workers in Corona,” said Randy Cammack, Teamsters Local 63 Secretary-Treasurer and International Vice President. “These workers are rightly concerned about the merger. Their strong unity during the organizing drive and in approving this contract reflects their determination to protect and improve their jobs.”

Last month, the Federal Trade Commission filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the Sysco-US Foods merger, citing concerns about its impact on competition. The Teamsters have been among the loudest voices sounding the alarm on the $3.5 billion deal that could put up to 2,500 Teamster jobs at risk.

While Sysco and US Foods prepare to challenge the FTC lawsuit, the Teamsters are remaining vigilant in the interests of existing union contracts and organizing more workers into the union.

“The workers in Corona have set a powerful example for warehouse workers around the country,” said Steve Vairma, Teamsters International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters Warehouse Division. “The best defense of workers’ jobs in any merger process is a Teamster contract.”

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