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Environmental Waste Workers Vote 11-0 to Join Teamsters Local 107


On March 26, 2015, workers at PSC Environmental Outsourcing, LLC in Philadelphia voted 11-0 to join Teamsters Local 107.

“This unanimous support proves that these workers are looking for Teamster power to help them win better working conditions and a more secure future,” said Bill Hamilton, President of Local 107 in Philadelphia. “They do a very important job to protect the public’s health and they deserve a contract that protects their interests on the job.”

Workers voted 11-0 to become Teamsters. The workers are CDL operators who drive vacuum/tanker trucks. There are 12 workers in the bargaining unit.

“When utility crews work under city streets, the PSC workers are on the scene to vacuum out water and any oil that is underground, making sure the utility crews are safe and safely disposing any contaminated liquids,” said Chris Buschmeier, Local 107’s organizer. “They also help remove oil from transformers that get damaged if, for example, a vehicle hits a telephone pole and a transformer is toppled.”

The workers are seeking improved health care, overtime after 8 hours worked in a day, respect and a strong voice on the job, and they want fair and consistent work rules.