1932: Teamsters for Roosevelt!


During his first run for the White House in 1932, New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt needed strong support from the labor movement. In order for the economic recovery efforts to succeed, he would have prove himself a loyal believer in the cause. Throughout the campaign, he will spend hours courting labor leaders and appealing to rank and file members. Although FRD had never toiled a day in his life, he had a populist charm and message that won over the hearts and minds of unionists nationwide. The most unswerving loyalty will come from the Teamsters Union, including the strong support of the Teamsters General President.

Although previously acquainted, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Daniel J. Tobin develop a close relationship during the campaign. Together, they attend a variety of Teamster events in the months leading up to the election. Many rank and file members help in the campaign offices across the country and aid in the “get out and vote” activities during elections, placing posters in Locals around the country. Campaign buttons of Teamsters for FDR” were also popular give a ways to members.