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Listen to Teamster Nation News for June 24-30



Senate Sides With Corporations On Fast Track; Teamsters Issue Support For New Pension Bill; Allegiant Travel Shareholders Back IBT Proposal; Fed Ex Unit To Pay $228M To Calif. Drivers; Contract News; Organizing News; This Week In Teamster Music; Misclassification Is A Significant Problem For Workers


Fight For Fair Trade Moves On To TPP; Pension Legislation Would Boost Funds By Closing Tax Loopholes; Windfall Awards Proposal Supported By Allegiant Travel Shareholders; Fed Ex Ground Delivery Settles With 2.3K Calif. Drivers; Costanzo’s Bakery Drivers Ratify Contract; N.Y. School Transport Workers Join Local 445; Uno Foods Workers Now Part of Local 653; Mass. Drivers and Monitors Join Local 653; Melissa Etheridge And Her Union Card; Businesses Shouldn’t Force Taxpayers To Cover Worker Benefits