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Teamster Officers Training Being Held in Missouri


A Teamsters officers’ training is being held today and Friday, June 26, at the Teamsters Complex in Kansas City, Mo. More than 50 Teamster officers are gathered to take part in the program that is hosted by Teamsters Joint Council 56 and Joint Council 56 President Jim Kabell and coordinated by the IBT Training and Development Department.

The officers’ training provides an opportunity for officers to discuss and take part in instruction on their  fiduciary and ethical responsibilities, along with financial and constitutional requirements, among other topics.

“This is great to receive information on so many topics that we all need to know about. It helps us do our jobs better. When members have questions, we have answers,” said Preach Haynes, a Trustee with Local 41 in Kansas City, Mo.

“This is my second time attending officer training. The IBT continues to amaze me with the education they are providing locals. I highly recommend all local unions participate in the IBT education seminars,” said Tom Erickson, principal officer of Local 120 in Blaine, Minn.

The IBT Training and Development Department and International Union representatives Bill Moore and Tom Schatz are conducting the training, along with Gary Witlen, Director of the IBT Legal Department; Lou Daniecki, International auditor; and Lety Ramirez, an IBT Titan field operator.

Teamster local unions taking part in the two-day training include Local 696 (Kansas); Local 886 (Oklahoma); Local 554 (Nebraska); Locals 41, 541, 838, 823 and 955 (Missouri); Locals 90, 238 (Iowa) and Locals 120 and 1145 (Minnesota).