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Dauphinais Concrete Workers Choose Teamsters Local 170


It didn’t take long for 19 ready-mix cement truck drivers and mechanics in Sutton, Mass., to become card-carrying Teamster members, after a one-day sign-up with Teamsters Local 170 in Worcester, Mass.

Workers expressed their overwhelming interest in forming a union at Dauphinais Concrete. Shortly thereafter, Local 170 Secretary-Treasurer Mike Hogan reached a card-check agreement with the company, wherein management agreed to stay neutral. This allowed local union representatives to meet with the drivers and mechanics before they started their shifts.

“In one day the workers decided overwhelmingly in favor of Teamsters representation,” Hogan said. “We’re excited to add 19 new drivers and mechanics to our already dedicated Teamster ready-mix workers with Local 170, and we are looking forward to moving forward quickly on contract proposals. “

“There are several former Teamsters at the company that are excited to be back with the Teamsters Union,” said Paul Stuart, an organizer with Local 170.

Tom Neil was a 16-year Teamster in a former job and he has worked at Dauphinais since 2013.

“The company has been growing since I’ve been here. I’m all for the union and I’m looking forward to being a Local 170 member again,” Neil said. 

This victory is the latest in a string of organizing wins for Local 170 in the past month. Workers who recently joined Local 170 include:

These victories come on the heels of a victory for over 200 technicians at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Mass.