7th Annual Women’s Day Celebration at Teamsters National Black Caucus


Over 700 Teamsters came together to celebrate the 7th annual Women’s Day of the Teamsters National Black Caucus (TNBC). Opening the morning session with anthems and invocation, men joined the women of the caucus to show their appreciation. Wearing red recognizes the awareness of women’s heart disease, so those celebrating the day wore red.

Every year, Teamster women pay homage to Clara Day with a luncheon. Recognizing the women each year has become a very important part of the TNBC.

“We work together to make a better life for all of us, and we do it on a daily basis,” said Ferline Buie, International Vice President and President of Washington, D.C.’s Local 922.

Celebrating women has become a tradition for the TNBC and it has been a success since it started.

“We do it year after year and we’re going to continue to do it as long as I can stand,” Buie said. “I’ve been a Teamster for 49 years and I’m not through yet.”

 “Leadership reflects membership and when we move the country moves,” said Paulette Gipson, one of the speakers at the TNBC and President of the Western Region NAACP.

Women’s Day closed with an informative luncheon including a workshop on health and wellness. Dr. Naida M. Parson, a motivational speaker, workshop instructor, writer and mentor share her talents with those in attendance. “Its time to put the feminine touch to the issues and problems of our day,” Dr. Parson said.

“I was informed about this organization being about equality, justice, opportunity, advancement, freedom, fairness, workers’ rights, civil rights,” Dr. Parson said. “Teamster women have recognized they have power, influence, wisdom and tenacity. Women have something to offer.”

Dr. Parson left the women with a moving message: “Sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.” It was the perfect fit for Teamster women, because a woman’s work in her union is never done. “Every woman must leave her legacy, not just her obituary,” Dr. Parson said.