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Let’s Get America Working!

Everyday Americans are facing increased challenges at work and at home. The outsourcing of millions of good-paying jobs overseas has led to lower paychecks here in the U.S. That, in turn, has made it more difficult for many workers to provide for their families.

The Teamsters, however, have a plan to help turn the tide. Called “Let’s Get America Working,” we are encouraging both Democratic and Republican lawmakers to endorse a pro-worker platform. At the center of the campaign is the need for this country to invest in infrastructure, which in turn will create good jobs for hardworking Americans.

Working on transportation, energy and water projects will put thousands to work in construction jobs across the country. It will also improve roads, bridges, ports and other infrastructure, which in turn will help business and improve the U.S. economy.

Buy-in from both parties is necessary to achieve change. If this nation is going to improve the lives of its citizens, Congress must advance bipartisan policies that will encourage good job growth. And it must put the current and future generations of workers in a position to succeed in the workforce by giving them the skills they need.

Infrastructure presents an opportunity to break the political gridlock. The transportation system continues to crumble and the safety of those who work and travel along the vast network of U.S. roads and rails is being jeopardized.

There also is a significant need to move forward with a broader agenda that puts U.S. workers first. That means standing up against lousy trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that send American jobs overseas; protecting workers’ rights to form unions and collectively bargain; increasing affordability of college and vocational schools; and ensuring retirement and pension security for working families.

If elected representatives from both parties want to rebuild the trust between government and workers, they must reinvest in the people that make this country great. Better pay will lead to more spending and improve workers’ quality of life. Everyone wins.