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Listen to Teamster Nation News for Sept. 23-29



Sun Tran Workers Prevail After 42-Day Strike; Bipartisan Coalition Holds Off RTW in Missouri; Teamsters Awarded Training Grant; IBT Supports Repeal of Health Care Tax; Bill Would Increase Worker Protections; Advisor Tells FedEx Shareholders to Support Union Proposal; This Week in Teamster Music; Repatriated Taxes Will Get America Working


Arizona Transit Employees Agree to Two-Year Deal; Mo. Legislature Stares Down Anti-Worker Push; Apprenticeships at Top of List for DoL Grant Awarded to IBT; Union Supports New Bill Opposing Tax on High-Quality Health Plans; Measure Stands Up for Workers on the Job; ISS Endorses Teamster’s FedEx Shareholder Proposal; The Sweet Sounds of Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds; J.P. Morgan Exec Falls Short in Ideas to Help Workers, Economy