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Teamsters Local 745 Wins Two Organizing Campaigns


Teamsters Local 745 in Dallas recently won two organizing campaigns, with more than 20 workers on their way to more secure futures.

In the first victory, on October 7, 2015 workers at Exel, a distribution center in Socorro, Texas, near El Paso, voted 8 to 4 to join Local 745. There are 12 warehouse workers in the bargaining unit.

The Exel workers are seeking a fair seniority system, fair wages and respect on the job. The workers remained united despite a vicious anti-worker, anti-union campaign waged by the employer.

On October 9, workers at Darling International in Dallas, a grease recycling company, voted 6 to 2 to join Local 745. There are 10 maintenance and labor workers in the bargaining unit. The workers want similar issues addresses—seniority, wages and respect. The drivers at the company formed their union with Local 745 in 2009.

“These two victories, while far apart and at different companies, show that workers really need and want the protections that come with being Teamsters,” said Brent Taylor, Local 745 Secretary-Treasurer. “We will work hard to negotiate strong contracts for the workers at both companies.”