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Teamsters, Employer Group Reconvene for Carhaul Negotiations


The Teamsters National Automobile Transporters Negotiating Committee (TNATINC) met this week with the National Automobile Transporters Labor Division to begin negotiating a revised national carhaul contract.

This week’s negotiations come after carhaulers voted to reject the national agreement and two supplemental agreements earlier this year. The negotiations also follow meetings that local unions held with carhaul members over the past few weeks to discuss the recently rejected tentative agreement.

This week, both sides discussed the issues that led to the rejection and TNATINC gave the employer group a formal proposal that was responsive to the concerns raised by the local unions and members. Both sides plan on meeting in early December to finish talks. In the meantime, all carhaulers should continue to work as usual. We will keep local unions and members updated at www.teamster.org/carhaul-2015