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Local 528 Welcomes Pepsi Workers


Drivers, merchandisers and warehouse workers at the Pepsi facility in Macon, Ga., recently voted to become members of Local 528. A majority of the 45-person unit cast ballots in the Teamsters’ favor.

“We are pretty excited that we won,” said Erick Barber, a warehouse worker at the Macon facility. “This is my first time being a union member and I encourage anyone considering joining the Teamsters to keep pushing forward.”

As members of Local 528 in Jonesboro, Ga., the Pepsi workers join thousands of other workers at Pepsi facilities nationwide that are part of the Teamsters Brewery and Soft Drink Workers Conference.

“These workers wanted a voice on the job,” said Maurice Cobb, President of Local 528. “They said they wanted to be treated fairly at work. Our first order of business will be to negotiate a strong first contract at this Pepsi facility so that their rights on the job will be secured.”

Local 528 represents thousands of working men and women throughout the state, including members working at other soft drink facilities, such as Dr Pepper and Snapple.