Fri, 01 15 2016 – 12:00

Everyday Americans are facing a real battle keeping their heads above water financially. While unemployment continues to fall, incomes aren’t rising for most workers. So it is particularly troublesome that the Supreme Court seems to be setting its sites on lowering incomes for thousands of public sector employees.

On Monday, the nation’s highest court heard arguments why several California public school teachers don’t think they should have to pay reduced fees that cover collective bargaining costs of their contracts. Those fees, mind you, are not used for political donations. But no matter, their attorney said it’s all political and violates the the First Amendment rights of plaintiffs in Friedrich v. California Teachers Association.

Attorney Michael Carver, hired by right-to-work (RTW) forces — just FYI — also insisted the case would not hurt unions:

Their burden of justification is much higher, because they can’t possibly show that abolition of the agency fees would lead to demise of unions.

Of course, that’s exactly what it would do, and why the plaintiffs brought the case in the first place.