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Pipeline Construction Training Begins Jan. 17 In NC


The Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund has announced Forklift and Load Securement training for Joint Council #9 in Hendersonville NC. This will start on January 17th in order to cover five projects currently ongoing in North Carolina.  Please complete the training form on this page and send to the IBT Building Materials and Construction Trades Division via fax at (202) 624-8107.

*For more information, please contact Michael LaBorde (218) 851-0391

In addition, over the next 4 weeks, the Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund will train over 150 Teamsters in the areas of Forklifts, Stringing Trucks. Track Trucks, CSA and Load Securement. These classes will include members from Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Not to mention all of the Teamster Pipeline Travelers from all over the country.

The Pipeline Training Fund truck (pictured here) will be present at the North Carolina trainings after which it will travel to Orlando for Steward School on February 16th.  After Steward Schools, the truck plans to remain in Florida/Alabama area for Training if preparation for the Sable Trails Pipeline project.