A Message From Your UAL Negotiating Committee: April 15, 2016


Your negotiating committee met this week on April 13 and 14 to discuss our response to United’s “Final Offer” that was rightly rejected by over 93 percent. The meetings were held at Local 856 in San Bruno, California for the purpose of building a counter offer. The obligation to respond is ours. To that end, an article-by-article review was conducted to determine necessary changes to be made based on membership survey responses and remarks.

We began the session this week with a report from committees, including benefits, which resulted in a conversation on health care. The membership throughout the system has indicated several positions on the subject and it is clear that we should continue to research options for premium health care benefits at a minimal cost to the membership. After a review and discussions with the committee and TeamCare representatives, TeamCare has been removed from the proposal.

Other highlights of key contract points discussed in the meetings included a review of the company’s rejected proposal cost against the cost of the new proposal and the depth on which scope language should be expanded.

The committee identified areas that will require further input from our economist, actuaries and legal team as we work to finalize the details of this proposal. The full committee will meet again at Local 19 in Houston, Texas on April 21-April 22 to finalize our counter proposal. Thank you for your feedback and support.

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee