A Message From Your UAL Negotiating Committee: April 25, 2016


Your negotiating committee met this week on April 21 and April 22 to finalize our counter proposal to United’s “Final Offer.” The meetings were held at Local 19 in Houston, Texas. All articles were reviewed to proof read and sign off on language changes determined at last week’s negotiating committee meeting.

Thirty-eight percent of the membership completed a survey regarding bargaining priorities. The amount of data provided the committee data to compose an appropriate response to United’s “Final Offer.” Every hub participated in roughly the same rates and all three subsidiary groups participated in approximately equal percentages.

The number one item required by the membership from the company is full retro pay in any tentative agreement moving forward. Our proposal will reflect this and other mandates from the membership. Other items that have significant support are industry-leading pay, pension equity and job security. The priority of the negotiating committee is to achieve the results the members are demanding through the survey: an industry-leading contract.

The committee listened to presentations from our economist, legal team and actuaries and held productive discussions to finalize components of our counter proposal to United. After a review, decisions were made on counter proposal details regarding retroactive pay, scope, pensions and wages.

At this point, the committee has finalized your counter proposal. Thank you for your support and feedback. Dates will be proposed for face-to-face negotiations with the company soon.

In Solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee