Organizing Roundup

Local 610

Crestwood Police Department

The City of Crestwood Police Department became the first Teamster-organized law enforcement unit in the St. Louis metropolitan area after the members of the police force voted overwhelmingly in favor of representation by Local 610 on April 29.

“When I cast my vote, it was an amazing feeling,” said Officer Dion Olson. “I felt for the first time in my 16 years of police work what it is like to have a say in the future of my career.”

The organizing effort was led by Local 610 President Jeff Hall with assistance from Carl Bailey, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 205 and a key leader of the Teamsters Law Enforcement League.

“Local 610 is honored to have the opportunity to represent our local heroes that serve and protect the City of Crestwood,” Hall said.

Local 1149


Quality Assurance workers at the Anheuser- Busch facility in Baldwinsville, N.Y., recently ratified their first contract with Local 1149. Steve Richmond, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 1149 and an international representative for the Brewery and Soft Drink Conference, said that the breaking point for these workers came when the company wanted to shift more health care costs to workers.

“Although we represent other AB employees at this facility, this particular unit had remained nonunion,” Richmond said. “But when they heard they would have to pay more for health care costs, they realized they had no job protections being nonunion.”

Local 1149 represents 425 workers in the production, packaging, and warehousing departments of the AB facility.

With the addition of the quality assurance workers, the Teamsters now represent 90 percent of the workforce at the facility.

Local 264

First Transit

First Transit workers in upstate New York have voted overwhelmingly, 30-5, to join Local 264 in Cheektowaga, N.Y., seeking a voice on the job and improved working conditions.

The drivers and mechanics provide transit and paratransit services in Cuba, Wellsville, Steamburg and Irving, N.Y.

Tina Smith, a First Transit shuttle driver who helped lead the organizing effort, said the workers stood strong and united during their campaign to win Teamster representation.

“We are happy about our vote for the Teamsters. We need representation and a voice,”

Smith said. “Now that we have union representation, we can ensure there is equal pay for equal work.”

Local 769


In a major victory, Sysco workers in West Palm Beach voted to join Local 769 in Miami. With 84 drivers in the bargaining unit, the vote for Teamster representation was 66-15. It is the first Sysco facility in Florida where workers have formed a union.

“Today, the drivers at Sysco in West Palm Beach stood strong and united and took a bold step by forming their union with the Teamsters,” said Mike Scott, Local 769 President. “The company waged its typical anti-union campaign, but the workers persevered and remained focused.”

“The company has cut our wages and treated us unfairly for years,” said Cary Vanasdale, a Sysco driver for 28 years. “As this vote shows, we are demanding change. There are lots of hugs and a lot of high fives going on right now. It feels great to be a Teamster.”

Local 986


On April 4, workers at AEG, which operates the Los Angeles Convention Center, voted to join Local 986. There are 40 workers in the bargaining unit of facilities maintenance workers and the vote was 30-1 to join Local 986.

“I started this campaign because we want to be treated fairly and receive fair wages for all the work we do,” said Azur Hernandez, a two-year employee of AEG. “My coworkers and I work very hard, despite not having received a pay increase in over two years. Management gets mad at us, but they don’t want to hire more workers to increase productivity.”

The workers help prepare for major events by setting up chairs and tables and other furniture and equipment.

Local 728

US Ecology

Workers at US Ecology have voted by a more than 3-1 margin to join Teamsters Local 728 in Atlanta. The 15 drivers dispose of low-level radioactive, chemical, hazardous and PCB wastes.

“We were getting nowhere fast and we had a whole soup of issues. We knew we deserved fair treatment, consistent work rules and better wages. We knew we needed a union,” said Calvin Lyons, a three-year employee at US Ecology. “With the help of the Teamsters, I look forward to winning a strong union contract.”

“This is a great victory for these hard working employees,” said Randy Brown, President of Local 728. “This win goes to show that, even in a right-to-work state like Georgia, workers have the power to prevail when they work together collectively. Although this unit may be small in number, they persevered and showed their power by staying united. Now they will win a voice on the job and respect.”

Local 243

Durham School Services

School bus workers with Durham School Services in Ypsilanti, Mich., have voted to join Teamsters Local 243 in Detroit. The 109 drivers, monitors and mechanics united for respect, fairness and consistency in their working conditions at the nation’s second-largest provider of student transportation.

“We rose to the occasion. I am just happy everyone will have a voice in the workplace,” said Marcus Wright, a driver at the Ypsilanti yard.