Teamster Activists Prepare for Election Season


More than 100 political activists from locals and Joint Councils from across the country joined together in Chicago in August to coordinate efforts for the upcoming election season. The attendees heard from staff members from the Department of Political and Legislative Action and guest speakers from key organizations to learn more about the critical races at both state and federal levels.

Christy Bailey, Director of the Teamsters Department of Political and Legislative Action, drove home the importance of engaging in the process and supporting candidates that will fight for labor and working families.

“I don’t have to tell you how critical this election cycle is to our union,” Bailey said. “There’s a lot of experience and knowledge in this room and we need to be talking to our members about the election and our priorities.”

Attendees were briefed on key political races in statehouses and on the congressional level. Experts from the Teamsters Union and from the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Governors Association shared their valuable insight on the upcoming races.

Additionally, staff and guest speakers provided overviews on new and innovative tools available to the activists through the union that will help streamline and centralize their efforts. These resources will help political coordinators in their efforts on the ground, whether it’s worksite visits, phone banking or visiting members at home.

“As we head toward to final days of this election season, this meeting is invaluable to local officers like me,” said Jim Larson, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 190 in Billings, Mont. “Learning what tools we have at our disposal and the federal guidelines we need to adhere to are critical to running an effective campaign in the coming months.”