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Teamster Carhaul Members Reject National Contract


Teamster carhaul members have rejected a national contract and the Central-Southern supplement, but have approved the Eastern and Western supplements.

“In light of the members voting no on the national contract and Central-Southern Supplement, we will reconvene our national negotiating committee next week and determine the next steps,” said Kevin Moore, Director of the Teamsters Carhaul Division. “At the present time, the union is not calling for any job action against any employer but will evaluate all its options over the next several days.”

For the national contract, there were 1,811 no votes and 1,479 yes votes. Central-Southern, 1,810 no votes, 1,217 yes votes; Eastern, 220 yes votes, 26 no votes; Western, 15 yes votes, six no votes.

The national contract covers about 5,000 members.