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Firefighters in California Join Teamsters Local 439


A group of 17 firefighters and administrative assistants from a fire district near Stockton, Calif. have joined Teamsters Local 439.

The battalion chiefs, captains, lieutenants, engineer lieutenants, firefighters and administrative assistants work for the French Camp-McKinley Fire Protection District. The workers sought to join Local 439, and the local was recognized as representative by the state Public Employment Relations Board in late September.

“We will help negotiate a strong contract for these hardworking men and women,” said Ken Guertin, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 439 in Stockton. “As public employees, they deserve to know the community has their backs.”

“The firefighters play a vital role every day keeping their communities safe and they deserve to be protected as well,” said Rob Nicewonger, Business Representative for Local 439. “They know the Teamsters will work hard to protect their interests.”