Listen to Teamster Nation News for Nov. 2-8



Teamsters Are Revving Up Efforts to Get Candidates Elected; Motion for Contempt, Injunctive Relief Against Flexjet, Flight Options; IBT Asks Board to Probe Air Transport Services Group; Local 727 Calls  Out Cook County Soda Tax Proposal; Organizing News; This Week in Teamster Music; A Better Way Forward Requires Showing Up to Vote


Some 200 Members Join Effort to Get Pro-Worker Candidates Elected; 600 Flexjet, Flight Options Pilots Ask Court to Require Good-Faith Bargaining; National Mediation Board Asks to Consider Airlines as Sole Operating Unit; Illinois Tax Could Double Cost of Sugary Drinks; Allegiant Flight Dispatchers Join Local 986; Janet Jackson Keeps it Nasty; and Workers Hold the Key to Election Day