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Listen to Teamster Nation News for Nov. 23-29



Hoffa, Hall Prevail in IBT Election; Skilled Trades Workers at UCLA, UCSD Strike over Labor Law Violations; Teamsters Join Sanders, DeLauro in Celebrating TPP’s Demise; Hall Demands McKesson Pull Incentive Pay from CEO; Cummins Workers Educate Public on Poor Treatment; This Week in Teamster Music; Election Results Rekindle RTW Ruse


Membership Re-Elects Hoffa, Hall to Five-Year Term; Low Wages at Center of UC Campus Strikes; TPP Opponents Look for Way Forward on Future Trade Deals; Hammergren Should Give Back Some of Salary Due to Company PR Hit; WVU Football Game Site of Cummins Protest; Remembering Joe Hill and “There is Power in a Union”; Workers Need to be on Guard Against Anti-Worker Legislation