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Salt Lake City Hertz Workers Win First Contract


Workers at Hertz rental car at the Salt Lake City airport have more to smile about after securing the first Teamster contract with Local 222 for the counter service, Gold Choice and Instant Return unit. The 22 new members are in good company as they work alongside mechanics and vehicle service attendants who have been members of the local union for a few years.

“The Salt Lake City airport Hertz workers wanted stability,” said Britt Miller, business agent and organizer at Local 222, Salt Lake City, Utah. “Hertz had arbitrarily changed work rules. These unpredictable changes affected the workers and their families – so having a Teamster contract is worth a lot to them.”

The Salt Lake City airport is a hub for Delta Airlines and travelers rent more than 300 cars per day. Each car has to be cleaned and prepped for the next customer in record-time – and the Teamsters crew makes sure that it happens.

Mohammed Abd, a Gold Choice CSR lead, has been with Hertz for close to six years. Once Hertz joined the union, he immediately saw some major changes. “Before the union, there are only two words for that: no voice.” Abd said. “As soon as possible, we signed those cards for the union, and we saw stuff we liked. We started to organize, and guess what, the staff found a voice.”

“With our contract at Hertz, we feel that we can voice our concerns without fear of retaliation from management,” said Julia Midkiff, a Gold Service worker and a Hertz employee since 1984.  “Plus, management now has to honor the seniority list when overtime or holidays are being considered. Our first contract is a start and we feel strong about going forward in negotiations for the next one.”

The Salt Lake City Hertz members will be part of the Teamsters Industrial Trades Division which represents more than 5,000 Hertz employees at many airports across the country, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and others.