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Teamsters Stand in Solidarity with European Truck Drivers


This week truck drivers across Europe are demanding that IKEA end exploitation in its supply chain. Contractors who deliver goods to IKEA and other large retailers in Western Europe are exploiting vulnerable immigrant drivers and driving down standards. 

As one Romanian driver working in the IKEA supply chain said: “I work in Western Europe, I should have a salary as in Western Europe, not as Romania. We have a contract that says we get €8.50 ($8.87) per hour which is false, we don’t get that sort of money. And where do I live, eat and sleep? In the cabin of my truck. It’s not normal to live like this for two or three months.”

“We have seen similar issues here in the United States as rampant misclassification and ill-advised provisions in trade agreements have threatened the livelihood of hard-working truck drivers trying to earn a living wage,” said International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa. “We stand in solidarity with our brother and sister members of the ITF unions who are facing these challenges in Europe.”

A 12-month study of contractors in the IKEA supply chain in Europe uncovered serious problems with their trucking subcontractors including false documentation, insufficient rest time, not paying social benefits and taxes, and lack of access to clean water and sanitary facilities.

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