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Teamsters, Rinker Hydro Conduit (Cemex) Reach Tentative Agreement


Members of Teamsters Local 631, Las Vegas, who work at Rinker Hydro Conduit, will soon be voting on a tentative agreement, ending a 10-week strike.

After weeks of negotiation sessions, the two sides remained far apart on terms of a new agreement. Late last week the gap between the two sides began to narrow but an agreement could not be reached. Union representatives and company representatives began conversations on Thursday January 19, 2017 that continued late into the night of Friday January 20, 2017. The two sides reached an agreement early morning, Saturday January 21, 2017.  

“We are happy that both sides could finally come to an agreement this morning” said Teamsters Local 631 Secretary-Treasurer Tommy Blitsch. “Our members have stayed 100 percent united over the past ten weeks which shows not only their commitment to each other but their commitment to secure a fair contract for themselves and their families. Not one single Union member crossed the picket line during this ten-week strike. In my nearly twenty-five years of union membership I have never seen a group like this, they stood united for such a long period of time I am truly proud of each and every one of them,” Blitsch said.

Terms and conditions of the new collective bargaining agreement will not be disclosed until the members vote early next week. Picket lines will remain in place until the contract is ratified by the members. Click here to reach the Local Union’s release.