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Listen to Teamster Nation News for Feb. 8-14



Teamsters Come Out Strong Against RTW Measure; Union Endorses Rep. Ellison for DNC Chair; IBT Raises Concerns about Gorsuch Supreme Court Pick; Local 251 R.I. Hospital Workers Join Rally; Teamsters Ask White House to Reconsider Fed Contractor Order Statement; JC 32 Backs Frey for Minneapolis Mayor; This Week in Teamster Music; House GOP Renews War on Workers with RTW Bill


Anti-Union House Bill Would Strip Workers of Collective Bargain Rights; Teamsters Back Pro-Worker Ellison to Head Democratic Party; High Court Nominee Pick Would Tamp Down on NLRB; R.I. Teamster Hospital Workers Want End to Punitive Policies; Government Should Reward Contractors Following Law, Not Breaking It; Minn. Mayoral Candidate Wins Backing of Local Teamsters; Joe Ely and “She Had Everything”; and Limiting Collective Bargaining is No Way to Help Workers