Local 1, Nothing New – Taking Credit When It Isn’t Due


Recently, Local 1 has been taking credit for a settlement that involved the district paying three years in back pay for a miscalculation of overtime. In fact, the settlement is the result of an unrelated case involving San Gabriel police officers in southern California – not Local 1.

In June of last year a court held that if you are a public employee in California and you take money in lieu of medical benefits (i.e. opt-out money), then your employer must add that opt-out sum to your monthly salary for the purposes of calculating overtime. Since WCCUSD failed to do this, the district is offering back pay in order to avoid any individual or class action claims.  

Local 1 says they held the district “accountable” and that’s why settlements are being paid out. But it is Local 1 that should be held accountable for taking undue credit. 

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