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Teamster Women in History: Judy June Hill


In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate Teamster women in history. 

Pictured is Judy June Hill from Latrobe, Penn.

Hill was the first woman truck driver with Teamsters Local 538 in Worthington, Penn. Born in Pennsylvania, she graduated from the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association Truck Drivers School in Harrisburg. In 1974, she was hired as a driver for Seasonall Industries.

As the sole driver of a cutting-edge 10-speed GMC Astro 290 tractor, she delivered aluminum storm windows, doors and replacement windows to locations on the East Coast.

Hill wanted to become a truck driver because she enjoyed the work and liked to travel. She was also thankful for the union wages and benefits, which allowed her to support her two children. She was highly praised for her skilled and reliable work as a truck driver.  

Stay tuned to www.teamster.org for more strong Teamster women to be honored throughout the month.