Teamster Women in History: Marie Kemple


In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate Teamster women in history. 

Pictured is Marie Kemple (1928 – 1999) from Woodberry, N.J.

Kemple was a successful business agent for Local 97 in Union, N.J. Born in New Jersey, she graduated from Roxbury High School and attended Trenton State Teachers College. After a series of uninspiring jobs, she was hired by Gilbert Plastics in 1961. Once there, her leadership in battles for workers’ rights earned her an appointment as a business agent for the local. As a business agent she covered 20 work sites in New Jersey. In addition to this, she was a lifeguard, pilot, flight motor mechanic and mother of two. She was described as being, “a match for anyone in the field- opposing organizers, employers or a scab who argues he doesn’t need a union.” 

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