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Teamster Women in History: Regina Polk


In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate Teamster women in history. 

Pictured is Regina Polk (1950-1983) from Chicago.

Regina Polk was born to be a Teamster, sharing a February 14 birthday with her hero James R. Hoffa. Polk had a strong work ethic and compassion for others, even joining the Civil Air Patrol to assist in rescue operations. As a business agent for Local 743, Polk had a dynamic, unique style, and was known for wearing heels, hats and even a cape at work. She was undaunted in her crusade for workers’ rights, once chasing down an 18-wheel tractor-trailer driver who had crossed the picket line. By 1980, Polk had been featured in Time magazine and The New York Times, hailed as a “brazen, unapologetic warrior.” Sadly, Polk was killed in a plane crash in 1983.

Stay tuned to www.teamster.org for more strong Teamster women to be honored throughout the month.