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Teamsters Local 63 Wins Grievance On Behalf of UPS Pre-Loaders


Rialto, Calif.-based Local 63 recently scored an important victory for UPS Teamsters grieving a contract violation. The grievance stemmed from supervisors doing pre-loader work in violation of Article 3, Section 7 during peak season in 2015 at the UPS facility in Ontario, Calif.

“The company claimed that increased volume made it necessary for them to have supervisors perform the work. But the real issue was a failure by management to property staff the facility,” said Local 63 UPS Coordinator Ralph Dominguez, who processed the grievance and brought it before the National Grievance Committee earlier this month.

UPS refused to pay grievances for the 20 affected members and the local fought the case for more than a year.

In the end, the committee decided in the union’s favor and instructed UPS to pay 300 hours, at a rate of time and a half, to Teamster members.

“Every member in the grievance will be getting a payout and I think they will be happy with what we have won from this grievance,” Brother Dominguez said. He added that the local had just finalized and submitted the grievance payout to members.

“We are pleased with the outcome of this grievance victory and we thank the members for bringing this issue to us through the grievance process,” said Local 63 Secretary-Treasurer Randy Cammack. “Contract enforcement is essential for our UPS members and we take it very seriously.”