Airgas Teamster Made Whole


Local 701 in North Brunswick, N.J. recently won an important victory on behalf of an unfairly terminated Teamster.

Airgas employs Teamster members at their Lincoln Park, N.J. location, where workers fill cylinders and tanks with various gases, including liquid nitrogen, and deliver them locally.

On Sept. 21, Xavier Wilson, an Airgas Teamster, was unfairly fired for “most egregious” behavior. That behavior was briefly answering a call in stopped traffic while using a hands-free device. The case made it to the New Jersey State Board of Mediation and a hearing was held on January 26.

The arbitrator found the danger of distraction in taking the call was “slight or non-existent” and ordered Airgas to reinstate Wilson without loss of seniority and with pack pay.

“We’re pleased that the arbitrator saw how unfairly Xavier Wilson was treated in his termination,” said Ernie Soehl, President of Local 701. “This is a dangerous industry and these are hardworking members. They deserve fairness in the workplace and the Teamsters are here to facilitate that.”